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A-MVB® Seals from Cambridge Seals

A-MVB® Security Seals | Antimicrobial Anti-Viral

Enhanced Personal Protection Through Antimicrobial Viricide-Material-Infused Security Seals

A-MVB® Security Seals, or Antimicrobial Viricide Material Infused Security Seals, are tamper-evident seals infused with a proprietary blend of additives that include an ionic-silver-based formula that targets, repels, and deactivates or eliminates the metabolic and reproductive capacity of virus-hosting bacteria, as well as other microorganisms such as molds, fungi, and algae.

Designed to protect all individuals who may come in contact with the seal from any infectious agent, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, molds & other microbes, the patent-pending A-MVB® seals:

  • Eliminate micro-intruders from the otherwise receptive seals surfaces.
  • Remove the need to clean the product with disinfecting wipes.
  • Ensure the retention of all safety properties throughout the entire lifetime of the seal.
  • Are equally as strong, durable, reliable and waterproof as standard plastic security seals.
  • Are long lasting due to the controlled release of long-lasting silver coated glass ions
  • Reduce the risk of transmission of dangerous pathogens through the handling of seals in the normal course of business activities.

We offer the A-MVB® protection as an option on all plastic seals within our primary line of tamper-evident adjustable and fixed length products, including:

  • Plastic Adjustable One-Piece Seals (PTS)
  • Heavy Duty Pull-Tight Seals (HPT)
  • Medium Duty Pull-Tight Seals (MPT)
  • Medium Duty Pull-Tight Seals with Tear-Off (MPT-TO)
  • Light Duty Pull-Tight Seals (LPT)
  • Fixed-Length Seals (FLS)
  • Plastic Twin Tote Seals (TTS)
  • Plastic Truck Seal (PTS)

The A-MVB® Security Seals provide added protection that is especially important to businesses where multiple individuals regularly come in contact with seals. These industries include, among many others:

Healthcare | EMS | Food & Beverage | Pharmaceutical | Retail | Airlines | Food Service | Trucking and Logistics | Cash Handling | Ballot Boxes

In many processes, numerous individuals along the chain touch the seal, such as packers, shippers, truckers, receivers, retail and foodservice workers, and flight attendants. In order to effectively protect both employees and customers, it is critical for companies to determine each and every person who may potentially come in contact with the seal.

Examples of Targeted Infectious Agents


Influenza, Herpes Simplex, Respiratory Syncytial, Monkeypox, HIV-1, and others.

Viruses require host cells or organisms such as bacteria to survive. The active ingredient in A-MVB® deactivates the host microorganism, cutting off the ability of the virus to remain intact.


E.Coli, B.Subtilis, S.Aureus, Methicillin-resistant Coagulase-negative, Staphylococci, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus Faecium, ESBL-positive K., Pneumonia, S. Typhi, Vibrio Cholera, and others.


C.Spp.,Trichophyton, Mentagrophytes,Bipolar Sorokiniana, Magnaporthe Grisea and others.

A-MVB® Security Seals are not a panacea, but they do reduce the chances of transfer and/or transmission of pathogens. In the wake of the global pandemic, these security products address employee safety in an important way.

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