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Banking & Corporate

The digitized world still needs traditional security seals.

Banking & Corporate

COMMON APPLICATIONS: Filing cabinets, documents, paper envelopes, plastic mailers, files, money bags, ATM cassettes, electronic hardware

Security seals are widely used to ensure the integrity of any documents management process. Board reports, confidential personnel files, legal documents and sensitive financials can be protected in an office environment and in transit. The usage of self adhesive, uniquely numbered labels and security tape, are a reliable way of detecting attempted breach. This can be very useful component in a layered approach to risk management. Different materials respond differently to substrates - some are residue leaving and some are not. Work areas may be under 24-hour surveillance but security seals offer one more measure in safeguarding the authorized handling and movement of cash in a secure environment. Don't overlook the benefit of improved security in all corporate and banking environments.

Types of Seals for Banking & Corporate Industries

Padlock Security Seals

One Piece Padlock Seal - (OPP)

One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Padlock Seal

Plastic Security Seals

Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

Plastic Truck Seal (PTS)

Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal with Tear Off (MPT- TO)

Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal - Non Tear-Off (MPT- NTO)

Light Duty Pull Tight Seal (LPT)

Light Duty Pull Tight Seal (LPT) - Tear-Off

One Piece Seal (OPS)

One Piece Padlock Seal - (OPP)

One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Fixed Length Seal (FLS)

Twin Tote Seal (TTS)

Epic Seal - Tear-Off

Epic Seal - Non-Tear Off

Sky Seal - Tear-Off

Sky Seal - Non-Tear Off

Metal Security Seals

Metal Ball Seal (MBS)

Metal Flat Seal (MFS)

Padlock Seal

Tape and Labels

Tamper-Evident Tape

Tamper-Evident Labels Non-Residue

Iris Tamper-Evident Multicolored Tape

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