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Cable Seal - 5.0mm

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Cable Seal - 5.0mm

The CSS Security Cable Seal is an aluminum bodied cable seal which is ISO 17712 certified. The non-preformed galvanized cable unravels when cut to prevent resealing. Seals purchased online are typically 12" or 14" in length, laser printed "SEALED," consecutively numbered, and are available in black, red and blue. A wide array of customized options are available, including company name. If you're interested in other lengths or customization options, please call (845) 520-4111 or email

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Features & Benefits of the Cable Seal - 5.0mm

Customizable Barrier Seals

Suit your brand and business needs with customizable options, including your branded logo and colors, QR, barcode, and sequential numbering. If you have any other requirements, please contact CSS at (845) 520-4111 or

Inventory Program

Our Inventory Program streamlines your inventory, providing you with efficient, smooth operations. Our expert seals product team manages your fully customized orders, Just-in-Time, ensuring optimal supply and seamless shipments.

Innovative Tray Packaging

CSS packaging is custom-designed to suit every purchase order using our innovative tray system. Each box features a uniquely tailored tray for seamless distribution, making handling a breeze. Enjoy compact efficiency and organization with 10 units per tray.


Traceability in your supply chain gives you greater control and transparency in your chain of custody, and thus, it can decrease liability and streamline operational processes. The seal tells a story.

Seal Strength

CSS products are engineered for appropriate tensile strength per seal application, striking the perfect balance between robust strength and flexibility, ensuring training-free, easy use with the right combination of strength and material properties.

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