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Customization for Your Business

Many loss prevention teams have difficulty finding a security solution that works perfectly for their particular application. CSS believes that decision makers should never be forced to settle for any seal that is less than ideal simply because it is the best choice available.

Customizing seals is our strength - and has never been more important for companies seeking to ensure the integrity and security of their goods and processes. Uniquely marked security seals not only deter tampering and theft, but aid traceability and contribute to company-specific security programs as well. By customizing security seals and incorporating them into standard operating processes, companies can effectively minimize the risk of theft, fraud, tampering, and sabotage.

At CSS, our team is dedicated to making it easier than ever to customize and purchase our wide variety of high-performance security seals. We offer an extensive selection of lengths and colors, standard and extended flag space on most adjustable plastic seals, and print options that enable customers to print logos, sequential alphanumeric characters, dates, and virtually any other desired information - including unique warning or action messages, such as directing users to a website or phone number in the event of a seal breach.

In addition to sequential numbering, we also offer barcoding and QR coding which can enhance security, integrity, and traceability by facilitating individual seal tracking and verification for reliable auditing and peace of mind.

To customize your choice of seal, we invite you to use our custom builder, email us with your requirements, or speak with one of our friendly security seal professionals by calling 645-520-4111. With both custom inventory stocking programs as well as the fastest lead times in the industry for urgently needed custom seals, we are the ideal supply chain resource for any organization. And to further support customers who require an immediate solution while their custom seals are in production, we supplement our custom seals with instantly shippable seals from stock.

Cable Seals

High Security Bolt Seal

One Piece Seal (OPS)

Fixed Length Seal (FLS)

Plastic Truck Seals (PTS)

Heavy Duty Pull-Tight (HPT)

Medium Duty Pull-Tight (MPT)

Medium Duty Pull Tight with Tear Off (MPT-TO)

Light Duty Pull-Tight (LPT)

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