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Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

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Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

Proudly made in the USA

The Cambridge Security Seals Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal is an adjustable plastic tamper-evident seal available in four lengths, 9", 12", 15", and 18".

The seal's proprietary technology and engineering allow it to have a unique and thinner diameter that is actually 40% stronger (as measured by tensile strength) than similar industry alternatives. The combination of increased strength and a thinner diameter is a critical benefit when securing items that require the seals to fit through small apertures.

As an added feature that both reduces cost and is environmentally friendly, Cambridge Security Seals' unique Clean Break Design® ensures that individual seals detach from the strip without any plastic waste. Cambridge Security Seals offers its Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal in several colors and provides customers with the unsurpassed ability to customize their seals with logos, printed information, variable numbering, and barcodes.

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IN STOCK Red and blue
LENGTHS 12", 15", and 18"
NUMBERING Standard, sequential, 8 digits
IMPRINT "SEALED" for numbered only
"PROTECTED" for barcoded
IMPORTANT Please see the data sheet or contact our concierge team of experts to ensure fit-for-purpose and that your expectations are met.

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Features & Benefits of the Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

Inventory Program

Our Inventory Program streamlines your inventory, providing you with efficient, smooth operations. Our expert seals product team manages your fully customized orders, Just-in-Time, ensuring optimal supply and seamless shipments.


Customizable options include colors, lengths, and tear-off features. Enjoy fully personalized customizations, such as tail length, tail thickness or diameter, QR or barcode numbering, and logos to match your specific brand and business needs.

Recycled Material Option

CSS embraces sustainability and Green Manufacturing by offering eco-conscious plastic and reusable seals. Customers have the option to order seals made from 100% recycled materials - adjusting our environmental impact without compromising quality.


Traceability in your supply chain gives you greater control and transparency in your chain of custody, and thus, it can decrease liability and streamline operational processes. The seal tells a story.

Seal Strength

CSS products are engineered for appropriate tensile strength per seal application, striking the perfect balance between robust strength and flexibility, ensuring training-free, easy use with the right combination of strength and material properties.

A-MVB® Coating

A-MVB® Coating keeps your business operational by protecting against illness, flus, and colds. The coating repels and deactivates virus-hosting bacteria, molds, fungi, and algae. Preserve your company's hygiene and safety with this seals option.

Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

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