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Industrial & Manufacturing

Maintain transparency & compliance; minimize loss with a layer of theft protection.

Industrial & Manufacturing

COMMON APPLICATIONS: IBC's, containers, pallets, drums, crates, truck doors, tote bins, boxes

Tamper evident security seals are an effective way to validate in-process quality management in production environments. Seals can help to reduce costs related to damaged or lost inventory due to improper handling and a lack of compliance. When there is transparency throughout all stages of production, operation are streamlined. Waste is minimized and safety can be optimized. Secondary packaging often relies on seals to offer theft protection. Seals can be used to in conjunction with track & trace technologies to indicate exactly where products are during their journey. In this way, manufacturers can be confident in the integrity of their supply channels and customers can trust that the products received meet the industry's highest standards for quality assurance.

Types of Seals for Industrial & Manufacturing Industries

Padlock Security Seals

One Piece Padlock Seal - (OPP)

One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Padlock Seal

Plastic Security Seals

Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

Plastic Truck Seal (PTS)

Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal with Tear Off (MPT- TO)

Medium Duty Pull Tight Seal - Non Tear-Off (MPT- NTO)

Light Duty Pull Tight Seal (LPT)

Light Duty Pull Tight Seal (LPT) - Tear-Off

One Piece Seal (OPS)

One Piece Padlock Seal - (OPP)

One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Fixed Length Seal (FLS)

Twin Tote Seal (TTS)

Epic Seal - Tear-Off

Epic Seal - Non-Tear Off

Sky Seal - Tear-Off

Sky Seal - Non-Tear Off

Metal Security Seals

Metal Ball Seal (MBS)

Metal Flat Seal (MFS)

Padlock Seal

Cable Security Seals

Cable Cutters

Cable Seal - 1.0mm

Cable Seal - 1.5mm

Cable Seal - 3.5mm

Cable Seal - 5.0mm


Bolt Security Seals

Railroad Bolt Seal

Electronic Security Seals

Manta Reusable Electronic Seal

Tape and Labels

Tamper-Evident Tape

Tamper-Evident Labels Non-Residue

Iris Tamper-Evident Multicolored Tape

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