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The ever-increasing complexity of modern freight logistics and global supply chain management heightens the importance of securing and tracking merchandise not only in warehouses, but from origination to destination. The visibility of cargo during transport and ensuring the integrity of shipments upon delivery is essential to every company. As a leading manufacturer and distributor of best-in-class tamper-evident seals and security devices, CSS is uniquely positioned to work with businesses who demand effective solutions to the unique challenges they face in protecting and ensuring the integrity of their products and shipments.

Our goal at CSS is to provide each individual company with the very best solution to meet its particular security requirements to prevent tampering, diversion, and any other type of unauthorized activity. We offer a wide variety of tamper-evident, high-security, electronic, RFID, and GPS-based security solutions, including the world’s foremost tracking and monitoring products and services from our industry partners, ShadowTrack247 and Starcom Systems.

Whatever your specific requirement, from reusable electronic security seals to vehicle and asset tracking devices and monitoring services, our team of industry professionals will work hand-in-hand with you to identify the most effective and comprehensive solution.

Electronic Security Seals

A longtime industry standard and reliable source of tamper-evident security and supply chain integrity, CSS's line of electronic security seals are designed to replace the traditional single use security seals while providing an easily accessible audit trail for truck fleet owners and their customers. Each sealing event generates a random and unique identifying code that is used to ensure the detection of any unauthorized access. These unique devices are permanently affixed to the door of each vehicle or container within the fleet, and carry an estimated 5 year lifespan, eliminating the need to continuously purchase, store, and distribute seals throughout the supply chain.

  • Electronic Security Seal - E-Guard Data Trans

Individualized pricing and expertise

Are you seeking assistance with to purchase security seals? Do you need assurances that you are complying with regulations or internal systems and processes? Would you appreciate a friendly and knowledgeable expert clearly explaining the various security products, options, and pricing? CSS market professionals are eager to help you every step of the way. Our mission is to provide unparalleled service and satisfaction to our customers, and we invite you to discover for yourself why CSS is America’s friendliest seals company.

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