Metal Ball Seal - ( MBS)

Ideal Metal Ball Seal
The CSS Metal Ball Seal (MBS) is a fixed length metal strap seal that is easy to install and can be embossed with a company name and consecutive numbers. The seal is manufactured with a double wire locking mechanism encased within the ball to secure your shipment and provide increased tamper resistance. The double locking barbs which offer audible evidence of proper engagement and locking.
Seals purchased online are embossed with "Cambridge" and consecutively numbered.

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Contact us for more information on applying A-MVB® Antimicrobial antiviral protection.

Only currently available on our manufactured plastic seals.

A-MVB® Security Seals, or Antimicrobial Viricide Material Infused Security Seals, are tamper-evident seals infused with a proprietary blend of additives that include an ionic-silver-based formula that targets, repels, and deactivates or eliminates the metabolic and reproductive capacity of virus-hosting bacteria, as well as other microorganisms such as molds, fungi, and algae.

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