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One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

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One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Proudly made in the USA

The CSS One Piece Padlock II (OPP-II) is ideal for those applications that require a padlock style seal but have a very small aperture for a seal to fit through. The OPP-II can fit through the smallest of openings.

PROTECTED, Code 128 Barcode, and consecutively numbered.

It comes in a range of colors, including red, blue, yellow, and white.

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Features & Benefits of the One Piece Padlock Seal II (OPP-II)

Innovative Tray Packaging

CSS packaging is custom-designed to suit every purchase order using our innovative tray system. Each box features a uniquely tailored tray for seamless distribution, making handling a breeze. Enjoy compact efficiency and organization with 10 units per tray.


Customizable options include colors, lengths, and tear-off features. Enjoy fully personalized customizations, such as tail length, tail thickness or diameter, QR or barcode numbering, and logos to match your specific brand and business needs.

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