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Organic Enforcement Seals - OES

Organic Enforcement Seals - OES

Organic Enforcement Seals - OES

COMMON APPLICATIONS: totes, bins, pallets, and crates.

In the world of organic farming and distribution, maintaining the integrity of organic products is paramount. Organic Enforcement Seals (OES) are a crucial tool for ensuring consumer safety in the supply chain. Typically imprinted or marked with the USDA logo, OES are typically available on a clean white background with a distinct green logo. This simple yet powerful design symbolizes adherence to rigorous organic standards, offering assurance to all stakeholders in the value chain—from producers to consumers.

One of the critical roles of these seals is preventing contamination and fraud. By securing various containers and equipment used in the transportation and storage of organic products, OES helps maintain the purity and integrity of organic goods. This is particularly significant in an industry where the consumer's trust is built on the guarantee that products are free from synthetic additives and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Types of Seals for Organic Enforcement Seals - OES Industries

Organic Enforcement Seals - OES

Heavy Duty Pull Tight Seal (HPT)

Plastic Truck Seal (PTS)

Straplock Seals

Straplock Seal Tool

Bolt Seal

Fixed Length Seal (FLS)

Cable Seal - 1.0mm

Cable Seal - 1.5mm

Cable Seal - 3.5mm

Cable Seal - 5.0mm

Tamper-Evident Tape

Twin Tote Seal (TTS)

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