CSS Unveils New and Improved Padlock Seal

October 10, 2018

New York-Based Manufacturer Credits Continuous Improvement Methodology for Security Enhancement to Popular Tamper-Evident Seal

POMONA, NEW YORK, October 9, 2018   -- Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), a global leader in tamper-evident seals and security solutions, unveiled its redesigned One-Piece Padlock Seal (OPP) and has already begun filling preorders. The changes to the popular tamper-evident plastic seal, which is used across several industries including airlines, catering, and pharmaceutical, involve subtle but significant structural design alterations which further enhance the integrity of the device when sealed.

“This improvement to the OPP further distinguishes the already best-in-class padlock seal,” states Kris Hedstron, CSS’s Vice President of Manufacturing. “The upgraded design strengthens the security of the product by adding a critical impediment to criminals seeking to defeat the seal and tamper with the protected product.”

Cambridge Security Seals is one of America’s most rapidly growing private companies.  The company’s president, Brian Lyle, credits CSS’s customer-centric philosophy and high-performance products for the New York-based manufacturers success and emergence as an industry leader.

“We have always been committed to enhancing both the performance of our products as well as each customer’s seal procurement experience,” explains Lyle. “What our design and manufacturing team have accomplished with the OPP enhancement is significant because it substantially improves the product’s performance while continuing to offer our customers the widest array of customization options in the industry.”

CSS’s One-Piece Padlock Seal is offered in both a standard and expanded flag size to meet the informational or marketing marking requirements of every customer.  The OPP can also be customized in dozens of colors, including several high-visibility neon options for greater security. As with all CSS plastic seals, the OPP is boxed using CSS’s award-winning package design process, which minimizes materials and size to reduce the product’s shipping and warehousing costs and environmental footprint.

Hedstrom points out that the product enhancements are the inevitable result of the company’s management philosophy and internal processes.

“The culture at CSS is dominated by our commitment to Continuous Improvement,” says Hedstrom. “We firmly believe that everything can always be improved, and every single day our team focuses on developing and implementing changes that boost performance, safety, efficiency, and reliability.”

About Cambridge Security Seals

Cambridge Security Seals, a privately-held enterprise headquartered in New York, offers an extensive line of tamper evident, tamper resistant, and high-security loss prevention seals to customers across a wide range of industries. The company’s dedication to uncompromising quality, dedicated customer service, and outstanding value provides a blueprint for reliability and security.  CSS services an increasingly diverse customer base spanning a variety of industries, including airlines, freight, logistics, distribution, trucking, retail, cash handling, rail transportation, government, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical, and agriculture.

Cambridge Security Seals’ commitment to technology, quality standards, environmental responsibility, and attention to detail fuels its drive to provide security-conscious customers with the products, services, and value they demand from an industry leader.

The backbone of Cambridge Security Seals is a diversified team of technical experts and business professionals, including experienced engineering, design, production, and logistics specialists. This unique blend of management and production expertise enables the company to provide an unmatched level of value.

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