The Art and Science of Customer Satisfaction

March 9, 2021

Since its founding, CSS has been devoted to providing the absolute highest level of customer service in the industry. Over the years, we have challenged all team members to rigorously demand of themselves to not only exceed customer expectations, but to elevate the entire customer experience through innovation, added areas of support, and a commitment to Continuous Improvement. This company-wide effort is spearheaded by our incredible Customer Service and Support (you know...CSS!) team, whose daily dedication shines a bright spotlight on ensuring the very best customer experience possible.

To perform at this level requires a combination of knowledge, skill, process, and empathy. That's right - we've used the "E" word. Because delivering the kind of service and support requires not only expertise, but the ability to listen and understand. Don't be misled by their friendliness – inside each Customer Service and Support team member is a highly-skilled professional targeting a single goal: to ensure that each customer's experience is extraordinary.

They achieve this by getting to know each of our customers, anticipate their needs, communicate in a crystal-clear manner, and work together with them to understand how our company can most effectively and efficiently be put to work to benefit their individual operations. Our Customer Service and Support team is instrumental in transmitting ever-changing customer needs throughout our organization, enabling us to refine our processes to offer increased agility, faster turnaround time, and improved or additional product and service options.

But ultimately, world class customer service can only be delivered by people who have a passion for their clientele and a burning desire to achieve excellence in everything they do. Reliability and dependability are the anchors of our Customer First mentality, and ensuring that we deliver on that promise is essential to cementing the trust and confidence in CSS that defines our identity.

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