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Straplock Seals

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Straplock Seals

This innovative and secure, dual-component seal is ideal for giving unique identity to PP strapping used to secure cargo or unusually shaped and sized articles. The seal must be used with a special tool to engage the locking action. Once applied, the seal cannot be removed. The strapping needs to be cut and the seal discarded once it’s integrity has been verified. The seal DOES NOT work with metal strapping. The locking tool does not replace the function of a strapping kit which is used to secure and tension the actual strapping.

It is used in industries such as Transport, Retail, Pharmaceuticals and Cash in Transit. The Unisto Straplock is the ideal solution for protecting high-value goods, rendering strapping tamper-evident. Serial numbering and optional barcoding will enable easy recording of the seal numbers. Company names and logos provide clear identification. It features clear marks on the base and top section to check that the seal is locked securely. 

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Features & Benefits of the Straplock Seals


Customizable options include colors, lengths, and tear-off features. Enjoy fully personalized customizations, such as tail length, tail thickness or diameter, QR or barcode numbering, and logos to match your specific brand and business needs.


Traceability in your supply chain gives you greater control and transparency in your chain of custody, and thus, it can decrease liability and streamline operational processes. The seal tells a story.

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